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Interior Design

In the new year, decorate your home with the follwing 4 styles of SINTERED STONE

Mix and match with other materials, or tile a wall with a single large format slab.

Whenever you gaze, they will touch you. Pure,fresh and refined, transcendent and joyful.

Sintered Stone Master -prada green
Prada Green


It is a low-key luxury, calm and passionate. It is bright and beautiful, and free from vulgarity. It is classical like natural marble, and fashionable with maverick charm.

Sintered Stone Master - -PEACOCK


“The river is as green and blue in spring.”

It is quiet but shining, with inherent nobility and elegance.

With clean and clear glaze, the matt surface reveals unusual texture.  

Sintered Stone Master-ink painting
Ink Painting


It is a freehand ink painting, with simple veins but full of tension, like an elegant dancer. 

Continuous grain brings more entension in space. It could be appropriately applied to wall and floor tiling, as well as countertop fabricating.

Sintered Stone Master-CALACATTA  GREEN


The deep veins of oriental classicism stretch along the

smooth and glossy surface, gathering an elegant poetic ambiance,

which is endless and impressive.

A boring life always requires something different. Close your eyes, recall above four styles. Will those touch you and bring you a special experience?

Lingbiao SINTERED STONE supplies patterns and sizes customization, keeps state-of-the-art in colors R&D and technology, providing high-quality, creative and sustainable products and services. It supports the realization of the imagination of your personal space with your favorite flavor.